Measuring Advertising ROI

There is a ton of discussion around attribution these days. If you haven’t watched this video on why last click attribution is terrible, open it up and watch it either now, or as soon as you finish this article.

Brian Pasch will have a new book out shortly called “Who Sold It” that tries to answer this question using the latest in data analytics and with some of the best understanding of web traffic and shopper behavior anywhere. I look forward to ordering my copy.

But in the meantime, is there something an old school car guy can use without an engineering degree to get a sense of the value of some of this advertising?

Is there something that can live between last click and very expensive analysis that will probably be inaccessible to many small independents?

None of the advertising is inexpensive and whether it’s a third party listing site, your own website, SEM or even a TV or Radio ad, what can we touch and count (besides the bill) and what does it mean?

The brand new Advertising ROI Calculator is an attempt to attach evaluation to the things that we can know for sure.

For Example, I can know what my e-mail close ratio is and how many e-mails I got. I can’t always know what else they did in shopping.

Some of this is just simply guesswork right? For example, I don’t know what kind of hard data exists around the % of people who look up a map that visit the dealership, but we know it’s not 100% and we know it’s not zero, so we have to make an educated guess. Probably the same with chats and texts to the extent they stay anonymous.

Regardless, here is my new calculator. Please blow me up with what’s wrong with it so we can dial it in better. Is there a missing metric you would like to see? One that doesn’t belong? Any math that is broken?

Advertising ROI Calculator


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